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We exist to see Utah saturated with the good news of Jesus.

We believe that a key component of this vision is to plant new churches who are committed to making disciples who make disciples to the glory of God. But starting a church is a difficult calling.


Using our experience and residency with Fellowship Associates, Soma Communities, 3DM and Acts 29 we are equipping the next generation of church planters in Utah.
Many churches have great zeal for church planting, but lack the capacity to fully develop leaders who will plant healthy church and "run the race" well for the next 50 years.

We focus on topics such as

• Self-Awareness
• Gospel-centered Ecclesiology
• Leadership Development
• Fundraising
• Spirit-led Ministry
• Spiritual Formation
• Theological Vision Creation
• Gifting
• Pastoral Shepherding
• Discipleship in Community
• Mission in Community

If you are interested in a church planting residency, contact us below.