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Much like in Mark 12:41-44, we see giving and donations as more than dollars and cents. Instead we see giving as, first a posture of the heart, and secondly a response of the hand. In this passage of scripture, Jesus tells His disciples that a woman who gave the sum of one penny had given more than any of the others who had given out of their abundance. 
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At Ekklesia Communities, we value not just the act of giving, but instead the heart's desire of giving back to Jesus because He has given us everything. Giving is more than placing money into a basket on Sundays or sending cash via the internet, it's a posture of our heart in worship to Jesus. 

The gospel changes how we view and use our time, resources, and possessions. Jesus has sacrificially given to us to that we can sacrificially give to and bless others.

Thank you for praying for and giving to the vision of our local churches and supporting what God is doing throughout Utah!